Pic2Go Shares Performance Photos at the 2017 Frederick Running Festival

Pic2Go USA provided its 2D barcode racing bib number recognition and photo social sharing technology at the 2017 Frederick Running Festival.


Pic2Go, a worldwide leading solution provider for Sponsored Race Photography, operated the race photo tagging and branded social sharing technology at the Frederick Running Festival this year. Tucked away in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., the Frederick Running Festival is one of the hidden gems of the running community; it’s a big time race with small town charm.


This year over 5,000 athletes participated and over 2,000 photo albums were automatically created and posted to Facebook. Many participants opted into the Pic2Go service prior to the race, and had photos from the course on their timeline by the time they reached the finish line.

The Frederick Running Festival also took advantage of Pic2Go’s Performance Photos feature, which automatically shares the athlete’s name, location, elapsed time and pace on their photos. “We’re always looking for unique ways to enhance our participants’ experience and Pic2Go introduced a forward-thinking approach,” said Lee Corrigan, president of Corrigan Sports Enterprises. “Whether you are trying to set a personal best or completing your first race, every runner should be able to share that special moment with their friends and family. This partnership allows them to do just that.”



Within the first few days after the event, the branded photos generated over 1,200,000 Facebook impressions, 3,800 comments and 47,000 Likes on the photos. “The Frederick Running Festival was one of the top ten events we’ve ever had in the US from an engagement perspective,” said Mike Nusbaum, CEO of Pic2Go USA. “In addition to showcasing participants’ achievements, the branded photos provide an incredible amount of awareness and exposure for CSE and the Frederick Running Festival. We’re looking forward to working with CSE on future races and growing some of their newer events, including the Delaware Marathon.”



The content shared through Pic2Go appears in participants’ News Feeds organically, giving races and sponsors exposure to a huge audience. After the event, Pic2Go provides analytics to share with sponsors including number of albums and photos shared, impressions, comments and likes on branded content.

Digital Race Experience Tracking & Sharing – Setting 2017 Standards

Working with hundreds of events from around the world it’s amazing to see how race directors are constantly investing in making their participants’ experience unique and unforgettable.

Our goal at Pic2Go is to build the best solutions that will let participants memorize and share their race experience while increasing the value for race sponsors. Here are the highlight of our Digital Race Experience Tracking & Sharing technologies – as I expect to become the standard in large events as well as small ones throughout 2017.

Auto-Posting of Free (Sponsored) Race-Day Photos

* Free Race-Day Photos keep taking its place as the industry standard.

* Pic2Go’s patent-pending 2D barcodes technology automates tagging, branding and sharing of the photos – for real Same-Day race-photos availability.

* Your sponsors enjoy massive immediate social engagement and reach for the branded photos. 2017 Miami Marathon saw over 10 million impressions for the shared branded photos.

Taking Race Photos to The Next Level with Performance-Photos

* Pic2Go Performance-Photos technology highlights participants’ performance throughout the race.

* Photos are enriched with runner’s pace, time, distance and event photography-location, letting participants track (and share) their performance.

* Performance-Photos brings the visual experience with the timing experience together, with minimal operations and with any timing system.

Performance Videos – Next Generation Race Videos

* Offering personal HD race-videos for participants to share should be the new industry digital-experience-sharing standard.

* Pic2Go Performance-Videos let each participant feel like a pro as it adds performance-stats to each videos.

* Branded-content is added to the videos to boost sponsor’s marketing value.

* Pic2Go self-operating model let you use your camcorders and even your videographers. Our local partners would love to offer their help if you need!

The New 3D Race Flyover – RaceView

* Pic2Go RaceView is our new solution letting participants replay, explore and share their race experience from new angles!

* It’s a great way to highlight the course, the terrain and attraction points along the route – via a 3D interactive interface.

* Participant’s photos and performance stats are included.

* 3D RaceView is soon to become the successor of the traditional 2D race maps.

With this summary – we are very excited to open 2017 offering a full suite of Digital Experience Sharing solutions for endurance events and sponsors.

Getting Repeat Racers: How to Create an Unforgettable Participant Experience

Planning a marathon or similar event is an incredible endeavor, one that includes securing city permits, renting equipment, finding sponsors and so much more. You want your event to be both safe and profitable — but you also want to create an unforgettable experience for each participant.

How can your race stand out as unforgettable? There’s no shortage of races worldwide, including 5Ks, half marathons, marathons, triathlons and more. As you attempt to create a truly memorable experience for your participants, consider these five ideas:

1 – Choose the Right Location

A race is one of the most unique ways to see a city or rural area. Make sure your route captures the most interesting, the most spectacular, and the most scenic of vistas and attractions in the area. And as your participants pass by, through or near these points of interest, make sure they know about them.

For example, the TCS Amsterdam Marathon passes underneath the famed Rijksmuseum, where notable works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and other renowned artists are on display. If you don’t tell your participants where they are, they won’t know. It will feel like passing through an everyday tunnel rather than passing under a world-famous museum.

Race routes around the globe are full of attractions to be seen. Rio de Janeiro’s Maratona Caixa features occasional views of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. The Philadelphia Marathon passes by the Museum of Art whose steps the film Rocky made famous, as well as Independence Hall where the United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. The Marine Corps Marathon route through Washington D.C. is lined with memorials and other points of interest. Make sure your participants know about and can appreciate these attractions. Publicize them beforehand and make sure they’re marked along the route.

One way to prep your racers for points of interest is through Pic2Go’s futuristic 3D RaceView Flyover. This digital experience highlights the course, the terrain and points of interest and serves as an innovative digital memento for each participant that includes performance data.

2 – Secure Relevant Sponsors

Sponsors are the lifeblood of a profitable race. As you search for sponsors for your event, make sure each one is relevant to your participants. Your final collection of sponsors should include a blend of local and national brands, as well as sponsors that represent a diverse range of industries and non-profit causes.

Many races seek out brands that offer products and services designed for athletes. For example, the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon’s group of sponsors includes obvious brands like Gatorade, Clif Bar, Reebok, and more. These national brands come with large marketing budgets for events just like yours, and they make a natural fit for marathons and similar races.

But don’t overlook the impact of local sponsors. The BMW Dallas Marathon offers local running retailer Luke’s Locker as a sponsor. These local sponsors are a good fit because they are already embedded in the community — they know your participants and can serve a unique role in spreading the word about your event. The BMW Dallas Marathon also features the Dallas Morning News newspaper and a local all-sports radio station as sponsors. These local media outlets are similarly embedded in the community. They can help promote your event using their existing audiences, and they can also help share results and highlights afterward.

The key to securing these relevant sponsors, both local and national, is to offer them an attractive return on their investment. At Pic2Go, we help race organizers create that powerful return through products like our Sponsored (Free) Race Photos, as well as our new Performance Videos solution, which give participants HD video of their race experiences. These videos include performance data like pace, time and distance, and they automatically publish to participants’ Facebook. The sponsor of this product gets a customizable intro and outro with branded content. Performance Videos help your race secure sponsors. They help your sponsors increase their ROI. And they help your participants create a memorable race experience.

3 – Communicate Regularly and Clearly

A race is a big deal for participants. They spend weeks and months training and preparing. They deal with aches and pains and sometimes injuries along the way. Training for an individual event like a marathon can often feel lonely, which is why it’s important that you communicate with your participants regularly and clearly.

Start by using a countdown clock to generate excitement. The countdown can run on your website, and you can occasionally publish through social media channels and email marketing. Build your participant emails around a cascade of new services or announcements about race experiences. Each email should include new information that helps build excitement and anticipation for race day. For example, use emails to share the headlining band for the post-race celebration, or to unveil the T-shirt design, or to announce a new sponsor and a special experience it will offer.

And, finally, make sure that each communication includes access to the nuts-and-bolts logistical information that your participants need. Provide a portal for participants to confirm their registration. Make clear where each participant can find information about packet pickup, race day parking and the schedule of events. This information is comforting to participants as they spend day after day preparing for your event in relative solitude.

4 – Make it a Big Deal

For amateur athletes who participate in half marathons, marathons, triathlons and other races, your event is one of their few opportunities to feel like a pro. So make sure that your event exudes professionalism and organization at every turn — make it feel like a big deal.

Most marathons make the start line feel like big deal by including music and an emcee that helps participants count down to the gun. The Rock n Roll Marathon Series makes the actual race feel like a big deal by including musical acts throughout. Many races also feature organized groups of supporters along the route, including cheerleading teams from local schools. Members of Wellesley’s all-female student body are famous for the “scream tunnel” they create around Mile 12 of the Boston Marathon.

The finish line experience is important, too. Almost all races have some sort of medal or token for finishers, but some stand out from the crowd. The former Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco gave finishers a custom necklace from Tiffany’s rather than a medal. Finishers of the Hershey Half Marathon in Pennsylvania get two free tickets to the Hersheypark in the Dark amusement park. And finishers of the Sinister 7 Ultra in the Canadian province of Alberta get a bottle of cabernet-merlot customized with their name, bib number and finishing time. How can your finish line giveaway make for a truly memorable participant experience?

Beyond giveaways, race photos are another memorable part of completing a race. At Pic2Go, we help your event make the most of finisher photos through our Performance Photos product. Your finishers enjoy a custom photo that includes the route and location on the map, as well as a smart data bubble that displays pace, time and distance. These Performance Photos are branded, too, which delivers another attractive benefit for your sponsors.

5 – Celebrate the Achievement

The end of a race is a moment of joy and catharsis for your participants. It’s the end of months of training and preparation. Help your participants celebrate this special moment.

Your finish line setting can play a role in creating this celebratory finish. The Schneider Electric Marthon de Paris finish line rests near the Arc de Triomphe, and the Virgin Money London Marathon reaches its completion at Buckingham Palace. But your finish line doesn’t have to sit in the shadow of a world-famous landmark to make the finish celebratory.

The Dole Great Race of Agoura Hills offers 50 food booths, live music, inflatable slides and a pancake buffet. It also features rock climbing and obstacle courses if you’re not completely out of energy after the 10-kilometer run. The Campagnolo Gran Fondo bike race in San Diego offers an Italian pasta spread, a beer garden and free massages as part of its post-race celebration. And the Grand Forks Wild Hog Half Marathon in North Dakota hosts hog races after the completion of its event. Pick the winning hog and you’ll be entered to win a barstool from the Wild Hog Smokehouse Bar and Grill.

These post-race events may seem over-the-top and cheesy. But they also extend the life of an event and help to make a more memorable experience for your participants.

Pic2Go: Innovative Products for Creating Memorable Experiences

At Pic2Go, we help you craft a memorable race experience through innovative products that both participants and sponsors will love. Our products include Automated Race Photo-Tagging, Branding and Social Sharing solution (based on our patent-pending 2D barcodes on race bibs technology), as well as innovative solutions as Performance Photos, Performance Videos and our 3D RaceView Flyover. Each can include branded content from your sponsors, and each offers the possibility of massive social reach, emotional brand engagement and Facebook Fan acquisition. In short, these products boost return on investment for both your event and its sponsors.

Learn more about our memorable products.

5 Ideas for Securing Active Lifestyle Brands as your Race Sponsors

The health and fitness industry is booming, driven by a generation of adults that have both the desire to remain active and the disposable income needed to pay for equipment, apparel, excursions and more.

Around these active adults has grown an industry of active lifestyle brands. The Inc. 5000 list tracks the fastest growing brands in the world, and this year’s list included 43 active lifestyle brands. On this list you’ll find HyperIce, a company selling devices that help athletes recover more quickly from injuries; Lonecone.com, which deals in adventure gear and supplies; and many more.

Looking for another sign of the growth of active lifestyle brands? Look no further than a recent flood of initial public offerings: SoulCycle, GoPro, Amplify Snack Brands and others are now publicly traded companies thanks to popularity among fitness-minded consumers.

And more traditional brands have taken notice, too. H&M, Tory Burch and other mainstream fashion retailers are diving into the active wear pool, inspired in part by the success of Lululemon, Nike and others — success attributed to the ever-growing number of active adults worldwide.

Connecting Active Lifestyle Brands With Race Participants

Here’s the situation as you plan your next race:

You have a growing, moneyed group of active adults who participate in your event. And you have a growing active lifestyle industry with many brands now eager to grow — growth that is both funded and demanded by new shareholders.

Your job is to connect these active adults with the active lifestyle brands who are fighting it out for market share. Where should you begin?

Here are five ideas for securing active lifestyle brands as sponsors for your next race or event:

1 – Identify Emerging Products

Given the rapid growth of the active lifestyle industry, many products experience sudden popularity and a legion of brand evangelists that quickly develops.

LaCroix by National Beverage is just one example. After spending 30 years as a favorite drink among women in the Midwestern United States, LaCroix is enjoying a moment in the spotlight, driven by consumers’ collective focus on fitness. It is sugar-free, calorie-free and flavorful, making it a perfect soda replacement for active, health-conscious consumers.

Drinks like Invigorade are seeing similar boosts in popularity. These performance-focused beverages are innovating in a sports drink industry that has seen little progress since Gatorade first came on the market in the 1960s.

As a race director, you should see these emerging products as ideal targets for active lifestyle brand sponsorships. Often these emerging products are experiencing increasing revenues and growing marketing budgets, and they are desperately searching to connect with active, fitness-minded adults — adults just like those who participate in your events.

2 – Leverage Your Unique Audience

You have a unique group of participants for your event — an audience that active lifestyle brands want to connect with. Make sure you’re connecting your unique audience to the brands that make a good fit.

For example, if you run an event focused on women, seek out active lifestyle brand sponsorships that are looking to connect with women. If you’re running a family race, identify active lifestyle brands that are looking to connect with families.

It’s tempting to cast a wide net and reach out to active lifestyle brands of all kinds. But a targeted approach that considers your unique participants and that pursues brands most uniquely suited to meet their needs will provide the greatest return on investment.

3 – Look Local

Many active lifestyle brands want to invest in their communities. That means they are more likely to sponsor events held in their own backyards.

Look for active lifestyle brands headquartered in your area, or brands that have a large corporate presence in your city. Many of these companies are committed to social responsibility initiatives that include community involvement. They will see sponsoring your event as a way to fulfill that commitment to social responsibility.

4 – Listen to Your Participants

Are you surveying your participants about the brands they love and the types of brands they want to know more about? If not, now is the time to start.

If you can demonstrate to an active lifestyle brand that its products are of interest to a vast majority of your participants, you increase your chances of securing a sponsorship. When surveying, prime your participants by listing out your dream sponsors and asking them to check the ones that they are most interested in knowing more about. This gives you a compelling and quantitative case to make when pitching active lifestyle brands on sponsoring your next event.

5 – Research Your Targets

Before you pick up the phone and call your dream sponsor, take time to research that brand and get to know what their hopes and dreams are for the future.

Remember the active lifestyle brands that recently filed IPOs? Each one of those brands has filed a prospectus that describes to future shareholders what the brand is trying to accomplish, who it sees as its customer, and much more about its plans.

SoulCycle is just one example. Its prospectus describes a “cross-generational audience of men and women” that would be comfortable accessing the brand’s content from the comfort of their own homes. Use this information to your benefit. If you find that SoulCycle’s target audience overlaps with your participants, make that a significant part of your sales pitch.

The Final Step: Delivering Value to Your Sponsors

Once you secure active lifestyle brand sponsorships, how do you keep your sponsors happy enough to invest year after year? The short, easy answer: You must deliver value.

At Pic2Go, we offer a unique channel for connecting active lifestyle brands, not just with race participants, but also with participants’ friends and social media followers. We support Sponsored Experience Sharing – by taking participants’ race-photos and videos, branding them with the sponsor’s logo or marketing message, and letting participants automatically publish them to Social Media.

This is a sponsorship opportunity that goes beyond race-day signage, an advertisement in a race program, or other traditional value creators. Rather, it’s an innovative way to connect active lifestyle brands with their target audiences — and to greatly increase reach and impressions through social media.

Best of all: When you approach the active lifestyle brand you’ve been wanting to sponsor your race, the inclusion of Sponsored Experience Sharing makes the sponsorship exponentially more valuable to them.

Are you ready to secure the active lifestyle brand of your dreams? Take advantage of the ideas above, and learn more about Pic2Go’s Sponsored Experience Sharing — an addition to your race experience that prospective sponsors will love.

Endurance Events – It’s All About the Experience

In era obsessed with selfie-sticks, Snapchatting and Facebooking, it is rare that a moment goes by undocumented. Every worthwhile event, experience, adventure, is videoed, photographed, and socially shared. In a way, the recording and sharing of an event has become part of the experience itself.

Endurance events take a variety of forms. Themed events, such as Color Runs, OCR Events like the BattleFrog Series, and triathlons like the notorious Ironman, and are designed to attract more participants and create a more exciting, unique, overall experience.

Event organizers, of standard marathons, obstacle races and themed runs, are all constantly looking for new elements to bring to the race. The goal being twofold: drawing more participants and enriching their experiences.

Making any race a unique experience requires out of the box thinking. We’ve done the thinking for you. Here is your “unique experience” checklist. While not all items apply to every event, the more checked boxes the more likely the runners will relish every moment.

Music. Many runners listen to their own music from their smartphones. However, another way to pump up the crowd and boost momentum is to have music blasting along the race route. This is especially ideal for themed events or charity events.

Cheering Spectator
Spectator Cheering Stands. Designate certain areas for spectators to cheer on runners. Not all runners have someone in the stands rooting for them, this is a great way to keep them motivated and enthusiastic.

Photos. Give your runners a way to keep their memories forever. Selfies are great but what about action shots? Utilize sponsored photo-sharing platforms like Pic2Go, which give participants their photos for FREE! Runners will have even more fun posing for cameras, when they know that just a few hours after the race, Pic2Go will have their photos ready to be shared.

Funny Distance Markers. Instead of using race markers that only show the mileage number, add funny inspirational quotes to signs, for runners to read as they race.

Snapchat Geotag. Snapchat is of the hottest social sharing apps. Make sure your event has a set of geotags for runners to share with their snaps!

Refreshments. Innovate your typical water stands. Offer runners energizing snacks and drinks, like pretzels, bananas, raisins, Gatorade, coconut water and green tea shots.

Performance Tracking. Whether running for fun, for fitness or to break a record, runners want to know their timing. The more data you can offer the runner the better. Pic2Go’s Performance Tracking System, provides photos that feature the runner’s pace, distance and location on the course at the time the picture was captured.

Scenery. Design the race route around scenic views. This will make for a heightened running experience, as well as, stunning photos from the race. If the event is near the ocean, integrate part of the boardwalk into the course. Here are some races that Forbes claims are worth traveling for the scenery.

Nearby Attractions. Incorporate historical monuments and famous buildings along the runners’ way. In this way, the participants not only become runners but they are also tourists.

Get Creative with Medals
Get Creative With the Medals. Runners who frequent endurance events are used to getting the classic finishing medal at the end of the race. Spice up the medals by making them unique to the event. At the Surf City USA Marathon runners receive a surfboard-shaped medal at the finish line.

Restoring Stations. In addition to offering refreshments, reenergize participants by creating restoring booth that feature a spraying water mist to cool off runners as they pass by. This is especially effective for races in hotter climates.

Finish Line Announcements. Nothing is more exciting for a runner than to hear their name announced as they cross the finish line. Arrange for an announcer to call out participants’ names and you cap off the experience with a bang.

According to Fortune magazine, the road running industry rests around $1.4 billion in revenue. This makes it one of the most valuable areas in athletics, earning more than both the NCAA and NFL in 2015. To continue this trend, event organizers need to keep their events fresh. When putting these new ideas into practice it is also important to exercise caution in order to maintain the integrity of the race.

Start checking those boxes! Your runners are waiting for something new and exciting!

Written by Sarah Marlowe – Marketing and Sponsorship Advisor at Pic2Go

The Race to the Finish Line Begins Way Before the Starting Line

Anyone who has ever trained for a marathon knows that just making it to the starting line takes a lot of effort. While race day is the main event, prepping for an endurance event is a journey in and of its own. This presents a whole new opportunity for event organizers and sponsors to get involved in the runner’s experience.


The Decision

The biggest step in making it to the finish line, is actually deciding that you are going to run. Deciding to participate in a race is not your average commitment. Once you commit to running it is an uphill journey. Event organizers and sponsors can support runners’ in their decisions by getting involved in their pre-race journey.

The Preparation

Race Prep comes in many forms. Many runners use preparation programs, which are designed to keep them on track toward reaching their goal. Prepping is not just about the running. Runners must learn how to keep themselves hydrated, fueled and motivated.

Whether it’s a runner first race or fiftieth race, runners need support. Supply runners with a multitude of race preparation tools. In organizing a race, coordinators should publish training apps and program plans custom designed for their specific event. In 2015, the San Francisco Marathon in conjunction with the fitness app, RunKeeper created RUN356, a training plan that featured custom plans for registered participants. BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series offers participants to send a training guide strait to their inbox.


Sponsors can fund motivational speakers, informative sessions, and training programing, as an additional service extended to registered participants. The Vancouver Marathon 2016 is offering a Speaking Series intended to prepare and motivate runners on their training journey.

The Gear

For runners who are also gadget junkies, it goes without saying that wearable tech and athletic wear are a must. Marathon accessories range from running watches, to hydration packs, to smart socks. These gadgets assist in marathon training and give runners a boost on race day itself.

Houte Route2f

Runners love gear. Gear is not just for race day. Athletic wear is just another way sponsors can get involved in the journey to the starting line. When a runner registers for the event, send a complementary branded headband, pair of socks, a t-shirts etc. It’s exciting to wear this type of running gear during training.

Offer complete running kits on the event website. Provide discounts to registered runners and create promotions via sponsors so that runners will be inclined to purchase training gear. Add a link to the registration page that brings runners to the athletic wear page. The Virgin Money London Marathon has everything you need for your running kit online. Their athletic wear is perfect for all sorts of weather, which is ideal for marathon training purposes.

The Color Runf

“Social Mediaizing”

Social sharing is not just for post-race photos. Building up excitement for an event is reliant on social media. However, race organizers should not just create social channels only for the sake of advertising and increasing participation.

Create running communities on social media outlets, to encourage runners to talk to each other and share stories of their pre-race journey.
The Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank Marathon also uses social media to connect with runners before the race. Runners are encouraged to join marathon communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat in order to share training tips.

The Race

Just making it to the starting line is already an accomplishment. After months of training and preparation, standing with thousands of other runners as the race begins is a surreal feeling. The race itself is a journey of its own.

On race day, give as much pre-race encouragement as possible. Offer water bottles with encouraging slogans labels on them. For some runners, picking up a water bottle as they begin their run that says “You’re already a winner!” can make all the difference in making it to the finish line.

Runners want to feel that event coordinators and sponsors care about their journey. When it comes to the race itself, Pic2Go has the ultimate solution for sharing the experience. Our same day photo tagging technology keeps the buzz from the race going indefinitely. Pic2Go allows runners to take away snapshots of their journey from the starting line to the finish line, thereby continuing the momentum from the pre-race adventure to the post-race glory.

BattleFrog - Pic2Go Race Photo Sharing f

Written by Sarah Marlowe – Marketing and Sponsorship Advisor at Pic2Go

5 Reasons Endurance Event Sponsors Should Consider Sponsoring Free Race Photos

According to Eventbrite, two of the best ways to increase brand awareness is through sponsorship and social media. Thus, choosing a sponsorship platform that includes social media is a no brainer. “Standard” race sponsorship methods like providing running gear, or embedding logos on race signs, lack the potential that is harnessed through digital assets shared by participants. Sponsoring Free Race Photos that are branded and socially shared by participants same-day of the event – brings new level of marketing benefits to race sponsors.

1 – Reach

The value of sponsorship is multiplied infinitely when participants socially-share their branded race photos along with their experiences. As each runner posts about the event, hundreds of impressions are made. As friends comment or like the photos, more impressions are made. With socially-shared branded race photos, sponsors are generating enormous reach – easily reaching hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of impressions in a mere 24 hours.

“For us as a brand, Pic2Go has been a key factor to maximize the reach that our events can have in social networks, the increase brand’s exposition and generates interaction with the sports community through authentic posts from the consumers themselves. In general we are happy with the service and confident to keep using it.”
Nicolas Castrillon, Brand Manager, Nike Ecuador

Pic2Go - South Beach Tri

2 – Engagement

Participants not only share their photos, but in doing so, also create a forum for engagement on social media. Sponsors benefit from this engagement as it gets the discussion buzzing around their brand.

South Beach Triathlon offered participants with Free Race Photos sponsored by ProAir RespiClick. Over 500 participants used Pic2Go to publish their branded photos to Facebook – sharing their achievements while driving an engaged conversation over the sponsored event.

Branded photos from the 10K Thailand Championship sponsored by Samsung Galaxy, were serviced by Pic2Go Thailand the first week of April. 5,000 participants shared their photos on Facebook, generating over 16,000 comments and 215,000 likes!

3 – Loyalty

What comes along with branded photos? Loyal customers. Athletes’ appreciation for free race photography goes beyond the event, they are thankful to the sponsors. Runners keep these photos that are tagged with the sponsor logo. Therefore, participants are constantly reminded of the brand’s involvement in bettering their experience.

“For the fifth consecutive year the McDonald’s 5K—Women Run achieved massive participation, therefore we wanted to continue to enhance the runner’s experience. Not only did the Pic2Go photos help improve the participants’ experiences, but they also allowed us to reach a mass audience online, giving us considerably more exposure than traditional more expensive media channels.”

Renaud Copin, General Manager, McDonald’s Martinique

Pic2Go Multi Branding Race Photography

4 – Personalization

Advanced photo-tagging platforms, allow sponsors to tailor make their templates how they sit fit for branding purposes. The Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon has done just this using Pic2Go’s Multi-Branding functionality.
Pic2Go’s Multi-Branding enables personalizing the branding and marketing message according to specific parameters of each participant (as age, gender, running distance and more) – optimizing the sponsors’ targeting while improving race sponsorship ROI.

5 – Brand Image

Perhaps the most important additional feature of sponsored race photography is its association with advanced and innovative technology. Using Live Sharing technology or Performance Photos, like those offered by Pic2Go, builds a particular image for a brand. High tech companies dig Pic2Go because of its revolutionary and modernized approach.

“At Vodafone we strongly believe in the power of that individual to achieve any personal goal that he or she aspires to. Our sponsorship of the Malta Marathon is based very much on this belief. Vodafone’s choice to use Pic2Go is a natural… We wanted to make the experience better by introducing Pic2Go and the Vodafone technology in the process. “
Claude Muscat Doublesin, Brand Executive, Vodafone

Pic2Go Performance Photos at Malta Marathon
Pic2Go Performance Photos at Vodafone Malta Marathon

Written by Sarah Marlowe – Marketing and Sponsorship Advisor at Pic2Go

Why Offering Free Race Photos is Your Next Best Move

In the 21st Century, Marathons, Triathlons and OCR events are not just about the competition, a race is an experience. Endurance events now have a new goal: providing a pleasurable experience for participants. Increasing attendance at such events, is due impart to the variety of extra enhancements offered at marathons. Free race photos are a leading player in enriching the runner’s experience. Free race photos benefit three separate parties: the event, the sponsors and the participants.

Free Race Photos Benefit Three Parties

The Event

All leading endurance events worldwide offer their participants race photos. Organizers want their event to shine, and pictures are a way to highlight the success of an event. Free race photos add an extra element of excitement to an event. By advertising free race photos to runners, marathons become more attractive to target participants.

The Sponsors

In sponsoring race photos, companies are harnessing a new type of marketing. Photos feature the sponsor’s logo as well as the race’s trademark. When runners share photos on social media, they generate extensive reach for the brand. By sponsoring the photos, companies reap much gratitude from participants. Runners are very thankful to sponsors for eliminating exorbitant fees normally charged to access marathon photos.

The Participants

Runners want pictures from their race. Whether participants are serious runners or running for fun, every one of them is excited to see snapshots of themselves during the race. Just as runners greatly anticipate their post-race timing results, similarly they look forward to photos from the event. Participants delight not only in seeing the pictures but also in sharing them friends and family. Much emphasis is put on the “runner’s experience.” The best way to amplify the marathon experience is to keep the excitement going after the race with memorable photos.

Free Race Photos

Picking Your Free Race Photography Platform

The Ideal Race Photography Platform

When looking for a free race photography technology, there are several things to consider: value for sponsors, accuracy, speed and social aspects. From its inception, Pic2Go’s mission has been to bring it’s clients the best in regard to these specific factors.

Pic2Go Free Race Photography

Pic2Go’s Platform combines social media marketing with sponsorship, and brings photos to participants quickly and accurately. Using its patent-pending 2D barcodes on bibs – Pic2Go automates race photo-tagging and branded social sharing. With minutes to hours after the race, photos become available to runners through the event website. As soon as participants share their photos, sponsors automatically begin benefiting from their sponsorship. Pic2Go repeatedly works with big brands like Samsung, Adidas, Gillette and Nike. There is clearly something about this service that is golden.


Facts and Figures

The 2015 USA Half Marathon Invitational, generated 510,000 impressions on Facebook.

At this year’s Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon, 15,500 people created their personal photo album to be socially shared. Runners’ Facebook photo sharing resulted in a colossal 17,000,000 impressions!

The Vodafone Malta Marathon 2016 had a record number of participants. Through Pic2Go’s photo platform, 4,100,000 impressions were made.

The 2016 Trinity River Levee Run offered Free Race Photos sponsored by Cypress at Trinity Groves, and generated 460,000 impressions within 48 hours!

Pic2Go Performance Photos at 2016 Trinity River Levee Run

Written by Sarah Marlowe – Marketing and Sponsorship Advisor at Pic2Go

The Latest and Greatest in Marathon Technology

“One thing is certain, though, as the number of races in America grows, existing races must find ways to remain competitive in the marketplace. Technology is one method to accomplish that…” The Huffington Post

Organizing a successful marathon means using the best available technology. Just like every other industry, the endurance event industry must keep up with the changing market and societal expectations. Right now, the world is focused on anything and everything that is “tech”, and for good reason. Technological innovation in marathons helps athletes and participants better their results and their experiences.

A marathon must have a good timing system, great race photography and lots of enthusiasm in order to succeed. Marathons that go above and beyond the standard level of innovation will also have mobile apps, photos that show performance data, and they will incorporate video advertisement or recording.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer runners just another reason to participate in an event. Not only does it demonstrate a higher level of tech acuity, but it also really contributes to a better overall experience.

• The Rock n Roll Marathon series, one of the largest and most successful marathon series in the United States, offers a mobile app that provides real time runner tracking and photo sharing.

• The Toyko Marathon has created two apps: one that gives runner step by step directions for race day and another that assists runners in preparing and recovering from the race.

• The Boston Marathon is introducing a new app for 2016. Powered by AT&T, this app allows its users to track runners as they make their way through the four markers of the marathon.

• The Standard Charter Marathon Singapore is offering it’s 2016 participants a 16 week customizable fitness plan app that also includes running data from the race that is searchable by the runner’s name and/or bib number.

• The Rio De Janeiro Marathon has formed a partnership with Spotify, which is aimed at increasing pre-event participant engagement, featuring a special playlist created by the event organizers.

• The Virgin Money London Marathon, together with RunSocial, has created the “world’s first digital marathon.” Their virtual reality app offers runners the ability to have a unique interactive 3D experience running as an avatar through the course of the real VMLM.

Innovative Race Photography

Race photography is a nonnegotiable. Standard photography, however, is getting old. Now marathon organizers are employing more innovative way of capturing snapshots of the event, and offering free (sponsored) race photos to participants.

• The Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon this February, which expects over 35,000 participants, will be using Pic2Go’s automated race photo-tagging and same-day social sharing services, while using for the first time Pic2Go’s multi-branding capability – having personalized Samsung’s photo-branding to different individuals participating in the event.

• The Vodafone Malta Marathon will be using Pic2Go’s instant photo-tagging technology at their upcoming event on February 28th. For the first time, the Malta Marathon will be using Pic2Go’s new Performance Photos platform, in which photos are tagged with a runner’s performance data.
Pic2Go Performance Photos - Malta Marathon


Marathon campaign videos are everywhere. Live race broadcasting is here. Youtube is a marathon’s new best friend. When it comes to videography and endurance events, it is not necessarily about the newest technology but rather, how organizers are taking classic technology in a more innovative direction.

• The Sparkasse Marathon der 3 Lander will be having live webcams streaming their 2016 races.

• The Australian Outback Marathon, the BMW Berlin Marathon and the Great Wall Marathon are only a few of the largest international marathons that feature campaign videos on their websites showing highlights from previous events.

• The TCS New York Marathon has developed a series of informative videos, which they are calling “runforgraphics”, that are meant to aid runners in getting the most of their marathon experience.

• The Diacore Gaborone Marathon is using idomoo personalized videos to send confirmation of registration to their runners.

Innovative technology is now a benchmark of the endurance event industry. Enhancing and documenting the runners’ journeys is vital to any great marathon.

Written by Sarah Marlowe – Marketing and Sponsorship Advisor at Pic2Go

2016 Vodafone Malta Marathon to be using Pic2Go (once again)

2016 Vodafone Malta Marathon has selected to implement Pic2Go’s Sponsored Race Photography service this year once again.

“For the 7th consecutive year we have registered an increase in the number of participants, we shouldlook have about 4,400. From these 2,100 are foreigners.” – says Joe Micallef – Malta Marathon Race director.
“Although we have a very small island country which is only 42km long and 21km wide and in the middle of the Mediterranean with a small population we have manage to produce an international event that attract 2,000 foreigners that must fly to run the Malta Marathon. Our mild winter climate and the friendly Maltese are certainly a contribution to the Malta Marathon’s success.
Over these 31 years we have made many changes and improvements, such as better routes, chip timing, 30 bands along the route and of course Pic2Go.”

Vodafone Malta Marathon

Free Race Photos + Performance Tracking & Sharing for all Participants

2016 will be the 4th year for Malta Marathon to offer participants Free Race Photos through the Pic2Go Platform. This year – for the first time – the marathon will also offer participants to Track & Share their Performance throughout the race via Pic2Go Performance-Photos solution.

Vodafone – Empowering People to be at Their Best

“At Vodafone we strongly believe in the power of the individual, and in the power of that individual to try things for the first time and to achieve any personal goal that he or she aspires to.”
– says Tara Lynn Zammit – Brand Executive at Vodafone Malta.

“It is all about empowering people to be at their best.
Our sponsorship of the Malta Marathon and Pic2Go service is based very much on this belief, since this event represents a life-long goal for so many people who train morning and evening to achieve it. Through the sponsorship of Pic2Go we share/ tell inspiring real events/ stories (through photos) of how restless life lovers are empowered to be at their best.”

Pic2Go at Vodafone malta Marathon

Pic2Go – Social Engagement for Endurance Events and Sponsors

Pic2Go is a leading provider of Social Engagement solutions for Endurance Events and Sponsors. With its patent pending technology – Pic2Go offers event participants with Personal Branded Albums to instantly share on Facebook, while amplifying sponsors’ engagement and social reach.
Pic2Go’s innovative Performance-Photos solution enables participants to Track & Share their performance throughout the event. Pic2Go leads the Same-Day Free Race Photos trend that takes over the mass participation athletic event industry.