5 Ways Sponsored Social Media Race Photography Boosts Racing Events Sponsorship

Sponsored Social Media Race Photography is a new emerging race photography model focusing on granting athletes with their (branded) race photos free – to share on social media. The photos are branded with the race or sponsor branding and would reach a huge audience of friends and family of the athletes. Optimally the photos would be posted to social media Live during the race – utilizing advanced bib number recognition software, race photo-tagging and social media distribution platform.
Here are 5 ways Sponsored Social Media Photography model boosts racing events sponsorship, based on our analysis of this model operation by Vodafone – the sponsor of 2014 Malta Marathon.

1 - EngagementEngagement

Running a marathon is a unique experience which would usually takes months of training and preparation. Coping with the challenge and reaching the finish line – is a personal achievement most people would be proud of, and would love sharing through social media. Sharing race photos works great for this purpose (especially if done Live during the race).

As the shared race photos reflect this achievement – they will drive massive social media engagement in most cases. Be it “likes”, “shares” and comments of friends and family congratulating the athlete for the achievement.

2 - Social Reach

Campaign reach is one of the most important measures for sponsors. So is the nature of the reached audience. Sponsors of racing events would many times target the athletes’ audience being a mid-high socio-economic class. Sponsored Social Media Race Photography would leverage race sponsors investment by reaching a huge audience not-accessible otherwise. Hundreds of social-media friends of each athlete would view the branded race photos. The high engagement over the photos would prioritize post-visually (by social platforms) and maximize reach. In most cases those social friends belong to same socio-economic class of the athlete – thus match sponsors targeted audience.  Reach

Utilizing Sponsored Social Media Race Photography - even a small-mid race (hundreds-thousands of athletes) would drive a huge reach of hundreds of thousands or over a million social media impressions!

3 - Gratitude

Brands and sponsors are striving to create an emotional connection with their target audience. Sponsored Social Media Race Photography is an optimal channel for sponsors to generate such emotional connection with the athletes, as well as with their social circles.
Athletes love getting their race photos, and they are gratitude for whoever let them have their photos free. We’ve seen it time and again the great feedback athletes would have for the first time their photos are actually posted to their social media profile during the race with the help of the sponsor. Here’s one example for such feedback - Pic2Go Sponsored Race Photography Drives Gratitude

4 - Fans Acquisition

Fan pages are a dominant channel for brands and sponsors to keep constant interaction with their target audience. As such – it’s imperative for Sponsored Social Media Race Photography platform to strengthen this channel for sponsors.  Pic2Go Sponsored Race Photography Drives Fans Acquisition As athletes are gratitude for getting their photos – they would many times love to become brand fans, and the platform should help them do so.

We've seen many races and sponsors utilizing our Sponsored Social Media Race Photography platform to further build their fan base – with well-targeted audience (athletes of races they are sponsoring).

5 - Brand Innovation

Being a race sponsor is much about putting your brand in the front, painting it as a leading brand that support people who challenge themselves and seek new achievements. Pic2Go Sponsored Race Photography Strengthen Brand Innovation Sponsored Social Media Race Photography provides a great opportunity for race sponsors to strengthen their brand image.

As the market only start switching into this new model – sponsors offering athletes to get their photos Live to social media are perceived innovative and strengthening the brand innovation image!

For more info on Pic2Go Sponsored Social Media Race Photography platform visit - www1.pic2go.com/sports

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