Adidas Sponsored Pic2Go Free Race Photos in 2014 Series

While "Boost Your Run" is the slogan used by Adidas Running, the company has worked hard to boost the sponsorship of it's night-run race series took place in Israel throughout 2014

In the competitive market of running shoes brands - Adidas Israel has picked the strategy of launching it's own running events series (just like Nike runs in many countries). A branded series strengthens the brand image as a market leader - where the specific night-runs segment was picked to offer year-round events (including the hot Israeli summer).


While aiming to optimize the benefits of the branded series - Adidas has decided to implement the Sponsored Race Photography model throughout the series. With this model - all participants could get their race photos posted free to Facebook, fully branded with Adidas logo and slogan.

The Sponsored Race Photography model is on the raise - with a growing number of events and sponsors offering free race day photos to participants to share on social media. The branded photos would reach a huge audience of participants' friends - contributing to the brand reach and online engagement.

In the 5 night run events of the series Adidas has implemented the Sponsored Race Photography using Pic2Go technology - enjoying the unique benefits of instant photo-tagging and automated posting of the branded photos to participants' Facebook.


Pic2Go technology makes use of special 2D barcodes printed on runners bibs. Pic2Go uses automatic racing bib recognition software for fast photo-tagging during the race. Athletes registering to the service would have their race photos posted automatically to their Facebook timeline - carrying sponsor's branding.

Throughout the 5 events of the series - 3000 runners have posted Adidas-branded photos to their Facebook accounts using Pic2Go. The branded photos have reached a total of 1.2 million impressions on Facebook!

For more info on Pic2Go for Sports Events visit http://www.pic2gousa.com//sports

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