Branding Tips for Sponsored Race Photos

Reaching Millions of Impressions via Social Media

With the growing number of endurance events offering participants with Free Race Photos to Share Live to Facebook - branding those photos introduces a most powerful Sponsorship opportunity. As the shared-branded photos reach up to a million impressions per event (and even more) - it is essential for brands sponsoring race photos to master photo-branding principles.

Reflect Brand Identity

Reflecting brand identity and spirit via race photos branding is a great approach. It encompasses an un-spoken message strengthening the connection between the brand and the athletes' experience.

The branding of The Color Run Romania photos combines two values - the "Happiness" nature of the event with a "foam-touch" by Dero - a laundry powder manufacturer and the race title sponsor. Color Run
Tambour - a leading Israeli colors manufacturer designed a colorful pixeled-frame for its branded race photos. Tambour

Reflect Event Spirit

Designing branding that correlates to the event spirit is also a great approach to increase acceptance and streamline the "branding injection" into the photos.

Here are 2 examples of nicely branded mountain bike race photos. The first by MARCEL BOUVIER - the Swiss watches brand sponsoring a recent Swiss MTB race. The second by Garmin and Slovenska (Slovakian bank) sponsoring MTB rce in Slovakia. Raid

Highlight your Product (When Fit)

"Confident of you product? Put it in the front!". For brands who has an attractive, cool, innovative product to offer - having it integrated into the photos-branding could be a most efficient way to expose it to a huge social audience.

Samsung Mobile integrated their new Samsung Gear smart-watch in their branding for the last Kyiv Half Marathon photos. Samsung Mobile

Award Stamp (better be an Iconic Brand)

Some brands are so powerful that they just need to mark their stamp on the photos - to make it an "award stamp" finishers would love to have on their photos.

Iconic brands like Nike or Adidas would only need to place their logo on the photos (possibly also a short slogan of the current campaign) to make people proud sharing their race photos with the brand's "stamp".


Less Is More

Sometimes - the best approach is to keep it clean and simple. Have the brand logo, possibly accompanied by the race logo (or race info) on a white background - we do a great job.

Here are 2 examples of Subaru sponsoring a bike race in Tokyo and Volkswagen sponsoring a 10K race in Bucharest.

Subaro VW


Having 2 sponsors for the branded photos is not rare. As long as there's no categories conflicts - there's always a potential for co-branding of the photos.

Here's a classical example of Vodafone co-branding Malta Marathon's photos with Nestle Fitness.


Making Sponsored Race Photography effective is not all about picking the "right" branding. Additional factors like Live-Sharing (or at least Same-Day Race Photos availability) are also important. Branding however has a key role as this is the main tool sponsors carry their message to the athletes and their followers via the shared race photos.

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