It’s a Brave New World of Free Race Day Photos

Q3 2014 is coming to it's end, and this is a great time to look back at 2014 race photography industry trends and progress so far.

A year ago - the world of Race Day Photos was mostly dominated by the Retail Model - where athlete's had to pay to get (and share) their photos.

This however is changing now - with the raise of the Free Race Day Photos global trend.
Pic2Go - Brave New World
Athletes in 15 countries enjoyed free race day photos via Pic2Go during 2014

At Pic2Go we evidence this trend (almost) on a daily bases - with some key players who drive the trend, which we call "Heroes" - the heroes who "free" race day photos and get them where they belong - at the hands (or Facebook profiles) of the athletes!

The first heroes - are race organizers realizing that offer athletes with free race day photos is just about the right thing to do at 2014. It's an elementary service that raises participants' satisfaction. Done wisely - it's also a great tool to drive engagement, reach wider audience and even grow sponsorship revenues.
About 15% of today's endurance events already offer free race day photos - and this is on the raise.
At Pic2Go we've seen events like Moscow Marathon and Haute Route granting athletes with free photos to share on Facebook as one of the key benefits participating in the event.

The second heroes - are race sponsors realizing the huge benefit sponsoring free race day photos. With thousands of athlete's posting branded photos to Facebook Live - sponsors enjoy a huge social media reach, brand engagement and activation innovation. We've seen key brands like Volkswagen at Bucharest Marathon, Orange at The Color Run Romania, Vodafone at Malta Marathon or Samsung at Tel Aviv Marathon - reaching millions of impressions using Pic2Go Sponsored Race Photography platform.

Last heroes on our list - are our partners sharing our enthusiasm spearing the free race day photos trend while realizing the great business potential it holds. This is an excellent collection of race photo vendors, sports marketers and endurance entrepreneurs that work with us (as distributors) offering the Pic2Go service to events and sponsors in their countries.
The innovative patent-pending Pic2Go technology which combines an automated race photo-tagging together with a rich instant social sharing platform - makes it the leading platform world-wide for Free (Sponsored) Race Day Photos - thus offers an attractive opportunity for our partners.

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