Bucharest International Marathon 2014 to be using Pic2Go

The seventh edition of Bucharest International Marathon will take place this weekend, October 4-5. More than 8000 participants, from 50 countries, are expected at the 7th edition of Bucharest International Marathon to run the marathon, half marathon, relay and popular races.

This year the Marathon will be implement Pic2Go technology for the first time - offering participants to get their free race photos instantly posted to Facebook.

Pic2Go 2D Barcodes on Bucharest 21K Race Bibs Pic2Go technology uses special 2D barcodes on race bibs to automatically recognize bib numbers and tag race photos taken by race photographers. Race photos will then be instantly posted to the social media profiles of all runners registering to the Pic2Go application.

The Pic2Go service is sponsored in the marathon by Volkswagen- who has already sponsored the Pic2Go operation at Bucharest International Half Marathon this year!

The Pic2Go service will be operated by Kickoff Events - Pic2Go representative in Romania and the organizer of The Color Run Romania.

Pic2Go Race Photographers at Bucharest  21K

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