Introducing – New Insights for Better Sponsors’ ROI Visibility

One of the main challenges of endurance events sponsorship is measuring the ROI (Return On Investment).
As marketing goals for such sponsorship are usually set to - raise brand awareness, strengthen brand image and generate emotional connection - the ability to accurately measure those is not trivial (especially not in a short time-frame).

One of the advantages of brands implementing the Sponsored Race Photography model - is that for a competitive cost they can significantly boost those goals. Instant Social Sharing of athletes branded photos - generates huge reach, boosts awareness and strengthens the emotional between the brand and the athletes.

At the same time - one additional key advantage of Sponsored Race Photography is the option to accurately measure the results, and provide quick visibility into the sponsorship ROI.

Online performance dashboard is nothing new for us at Pic2Go - offering our clients with rich info about their Sponsored Race Photography results.

We are now excited to introduce our next generation of performance dashboard - including a brand new Insights section.
The new section includes new metrics retrieved directly from Facebook:

  • Number of Impressions
  • Number of Comments
  • Number of Likes

  • as well as a new demographics chart - providing visibility into the wide audiences that have engaged with the branded event photos.
    Pic2Go Insights
    We are sure that with the new Insights - sponsors will have a much better visibility into their ROI for Sponsored Race Photography!

    Pic2Go new Insights is now available for limited number of our clients, and will be gradually released to all our clients within the next few weeks!

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