Introducing – Pic2Go Performance Photos

It is not too often when a company has a chance to revolutionize the industry it operates in.

For us in Pic2Go the first time was with the introduction of our automated race photo-tagging and social sharing platform - which fueled the Sponsored Race Photography revolution.

Today we are introducing Pic2Go Performance Photos - taking the Endurance Events Photography and Endurance Events Experience Sharing to the next level!

Performance Tracking & Sharing for Endurance Events

Tracking performance is nothing new for runners - who commonly use tracking apps on their smart phones or tracking devices. Endurance events have been traditionally focusing on measuring finish-line results, with few recent innovations enabling live-tracking and sharing of time & location data during the event.

Pic2Go Performance Photos introduces for the first time a comprehensive solution for in-route performance tracking and an innovative (patent-pending) data-visualization on participants' photos.

Pic2Go Performance Photos 1

Performance Photos Data Includes:
  • * Distance & Time passed from start line
  • * Runner's Pace at each photography point
  • * Location on Route Map
  • * Runner's and Race Details

  • Let Your Participants Share Their Achievements

    Whether you are hosting a 10K or a full Marathon - your participants must have worked hard practicing towards the event. Now is your chance to let them share their achievements - through all phases of their way towards the finish line.

    Pic2Go Performance Photos 2

    With Pic2Go Performance Photos - your participants will be able to share their photos taken along the way to the finish line, marked with their location and performance data.

    Using Pic2Go patent-pending 2D Barcodes automated photo-tagging and sharing technology - the photos will be available for social-sharing shortly after taken. With Pic2Go rich photo-branding capabilities - your sponsors can enjoy a huge social-reach branding the shared photos.

    Successfully Debut at 2015 Kyiv Marathon

    Pic2Go Performance Photos was successfully debut at 2015 WIZZ AIR KYIV MARATHON with over a 1,000 participants using the app to share their race photos with their performance data to Facebook.

    "We have used Pic2Go Performance Photos in the 2015 Kyiv Marathon for the first time this year. That was a great experience for us as we could let our athletes share their running performance in a new and exciting way."
    - said Mykhaylo Tkachenko, Run Ukraine - Marketing Director.

    He added - "The feedback from the participants was really positive as this would let them to keep the memory and have an subject to be proud of for many years. We thank Pic2Go team for helping us to deliver this new and innovative service to our participants."

    For more info on Pic2Go Performance Photos:
    * Download the introduction deck
    * Contact us or one of our distributors near you.

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