Is Free Race-Photos Social Sharing Becoming a Standard?

Oh - What a weekend it was for us at Pic2Go!
We had to simultaneously provide our service to events in 6 different countries - Brazil, UK, Romania, Czech Rep., France, Japan.
Over 100,000 race photos were automatically tagged.

Free photos sharing was offered to athletes - instantly after taken!

So - why free social sharing of race photos is adopted by more and more events world-wide?

Pic2Go 6 Countries

Analyzing these events shows 3 main reasons:

1 - Value for Sponsors
The instant sharing of the photos carrying sponsors' branding - generates an immediate buzz, social engagement and a huge reach for the sponsors. E.g. - Orange Romania has sponsors it's 3rd Pic2Go service this weekend. Birell (a Pilsner sub-brand) sponsored the service for the first time this weekend with a great success.

2 - Great Service for Athletes
A growing number of races are offering free-photos and "Live Social Sharing" as a new level of service. As Haute Route put it - "A great level of social media services have been put in place to help the riders share their Haute Route story far and wide with family, friends and the cycling community!"

3 - Fast Photos Availability
The Pic2Go patent pending 2D barcodes technology automates race bib number recognition and speeds up photo-tagging. This process which traditionally took 2-4 days has been shorten to a minutes-few hours only.

Are we evidencing a shift in the industry? Only time will tell...
Till then, here's the prediction put by Anthony Bliss of UK Sports Photo -
“Event photography powered by Pic2Go will change the UK events market landscape significantly and we are looking forward to some exciting times ahead.”

Click here for more info on the Pic2Go process and clients.

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