Just Finished Repainting

We know event participants deserve a fun, intuitive and friendly experience while getting their Pic2Go photos. We also know the importance of having a Pic2Go integrated experience with your brand or event.

Pic2Go Repainted Widget This is why we are happy to launch the new re-painted Pic2Go widget!

Participants will now be able to enjoy a clean and modern design throughout the full Pic2Go photos-retrieval flow.

And - that's not all yet...
In order for you to easily customize the widget colors and make it best fit to your event or brand website - we are also launching a new Widget Colors Customization wizard. CustomizationWizard
This is simple WYSIWYG wizard let you easily control the main colors of the widget in just few clicks!
Want to get deeper into the design ? You can still use the CSS customization option to fully customize all elements in the Pic2Go widget.

Happy to provide you with this new product improvement. As always - we would love to get your feedback, comments and suggestions so just contact us!

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