Live Smart, Run Smart, Sponsor Smart – by Samsung

Samsung Smart Living

Brands sponsoring running events would usually look for the following objectives:
1. Maximize brand engagement & reach
2. Strengthen brand-image
3. Grow sales & maximize ROI

Brand's investment in race sponsorship is usually done within a wider context of an on-going campaign, conducted in various media channels.

Samsung - LiveSmart For Samsung - becoming the title sponsor of Tel Aviv Marathon was a great move in the context of Samsung's "Smart Living" campaign. Embracing different life-styles of its consumers - and offering the best fit innovative services and apps to support "Smart Living".

Live Smart. Run Smart.

Well, obviously an aerobic lifestyle which combines running is a "smart way" to maintain healthy and energetic life. While Samsung is not a pure endurance-appliances brand, it has done a smart marketing move embracing this lifestyle into it's campaign.

Running => Living Smart ; Samsung => Living Smart ; Samsung => Running Smart

Being a technology company, Samsung decided to adopt an innovative "smart" technology to leverage the experience of the participants in its sponsored-race.

Pic2Go 2D Barcodes in Bibs TLV Marathon The objective was to let participants socially-share photos with their greatest moments of the race, in a simple and fast way while maintaining Samsung's "signature" on the photos.

The selected technology was Pic2Go's technology, making use of patent pending 2D barcodes printed on race bibs to automatically identify participants bib numbers, instantly tag race photos and enable fast (same day) sharing of the photos to participant's Facebook.

Sponsor Smart

Have we mentioned "smart marketing" yet?
The social impact of the free race day photos shared to Facebook fully branded with Samsung's logo - was huge:
14 million impressions of the branded photos in Facebook, 400,000 likes and 30,000 comments for the shared photos measured within 48 hours of the event day.

Definitely a smart sponsorship move for Samsung!

Pic2Go Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon

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