Meet Our Partners – Joel Espinoza (Pic2Go Mexico)

This weekend (July 26th) Pic2Go will be used for the first time at Tijuana Marathon with expected 4000 participants! This exciting event will join a series of Pic2Go events in the country - most successfully operated by Pic2Go Mexico.

Mr. Joel Espinoza and his company have launched Pic2Go Mexico late 2014, joining Pic2Go's Global-Network of Partners. We have asked Joel to share with us his story.

Joel Espinoza -  Pic2Go Mexico

- Tell us about yourself and your company

We are located at the North part of the country in Tijuana, a couple of minutes from the border with The United States. Besides holding our partnership with Pic2Go we also run a Timing company called Protime, we also organize a few running events throughout our state.

- Why did you choose to become a Pic2Go partner?

It all began as identifying what our market needed, we wanted a tool that allowed us to give runners their photos even when there was no timing involved, after some research we found Pic2Go, we immediately loved the business model and after exchanging some emails with Eitan and some Testing we decided to go for the partnership.

- What are your plans for Pic2Go in Mexico?

At the moment we are attacking sports events like roadraces, triathlons, cycling and adventure races. We are also approaching the tourism industry, we definitely believe that Pic2Go can be used to promote the different regions in Mexico and the events that take place in those areas.

- Anything else your would like to add?

We are very pleased with the technology, it’s nice seeing that Eitan and his team are always improving and developing new applications and we can’t wait for the performance photos to launch!
Feel free to hit us up to discuss best practices/experiences with Pic2Go.

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