Meet Our Partners – Timothy Utomo (Pic2Go Indonesia)

With our growing network of partners (including already 19 countries) - we are able to bring the Free (Sponsored) Race Photos to hundreds of thousands of athletes around the globe.

Mr. Timothy (Tim) Utomo and his firm have just joined the "Pic2Go Family" a few weeks ago, launching Pic2Go Indonesia and already had a most successful Pic2Go implementation at the Jakarta Green Run!

We have asked Tim to share with us his story.
Timothy  Utomo

- Tell us about yourself and your company

I’m happy to become one of the new members of the Pic2Go family and share my story. My name is Timothy Utomo or friends call me Tim. I was born in December 27 1973 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I had my first foreign education experience in Singapore when I was 14, and moved to Los Angeles California and graduated from USC Marshall School of Business in 1996.

I moved back to Indonesia in early 1997 and joined the family business group and focused in civil construction. In 1998 the greater part of the south east asian country was hit by economic crisis, and especially Indonesia was effected the most due to political and social unrest that happened at the same time. Six of our business units collapsed but we were able to rescued two companies, the construction company and graphic design and advertising company. My media and marketing interest helps me and two of my friends turned the graphic design and advertising company (NATA) into a free media publication in 2002.

- Why did you choose to become a Pic2Go partner?

Our media, free! Magazine (www.freemagz.com) has become the pioneer and leader of local free media publication that focused on entertainment and lifestyle guide of Jakarta. As I researched for business expansion, I came across Pic2Go websites, and our initial Skype call with Eitan Hefetz (CEO of Pic2Go) made me realized that the business model of Pic2Go that focused on selling impressions to sponsors is similar to ours.

I strongly believe that trust and reliability are the two most important factors in any business deals, and these two are clearly evident in Pic2Go as a product, but most important is the person behind it. Through our initial Skype calls and emails, Eitan Hefetz clearly reflects these two important characteristics and I believe that the feeling is mutual.

- What are your plans for Pic2Go in Indonesia?

We had succeeded in our first ever event that we sponsored, and gained 1.7 million impressions. Currently sponsors are starting to gain notice of our system and we are in the process of convincing sponsors about the powerful yet simple system of Pic2Go and its benefit to them. We are aiming to have all major sporting race events in Indonesia to use Pic2Go system to gain volume and continuity, and branded events will follows.

- Anything else your would like to add?

We hope that Pic2Go system will always stays ahead of competitors and continues to become the leading product in this category.

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