New: 3 Options to Export Pic2Go Photo Tagging Data!

While we provide a turn-key Sponsored Race Photography solution (including a patent pending automated race-photo-tagging and instant photos-social-sharing technology), it is very important for us at Pic2Go to provide clients with the flexibility to use our platform in their preferred way.

A repeating requirement we have heard from clients is the ability to re-use the Pic2Go photo-tagging data - which is generated by the Pic2Go platform in an automated, rapid and accurate fashion. Some of our clients (usually race photo-vendors) might use this data to tag master photos and be able to sell the high-res version of the photos. Other clients might want to connect the Pic2Go photo-tagging data to other systems they have as race-mobile-apps, cheering-apps, email & sms notification and others.

We are happy to announce the availability of 3 different options to consume (or export) the Pic2Go photo-tagging data:
1. Web Service API - a Rest API offering full access to the photo-tagging data via web-service calls.
2. Export to Excel - a new option available for all our clients through the Pic2Go reporting interface, enabling a .csv file data download.
3. Master Photo Tagging - a new option to tag master photos using the Pic2Go Client Uploader - adding the tagging data to the photo file meta-data.

Pic2Go Race Photo Tagging by Bib Numbers

Interested in more information about these options? Go ahead and contact us now.

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