Providing Free Race Day Photos? Don’t Miss These 5 Tips

Free race day photos is becoming popular in more and more athletic events. On the way to become a standard service for athletes (just like getting race results for free) - the main engine driving this model is the Sponsored Social Media Race Photography.

Imagine thousands of athletes sharing their race photos with their Facebook friends - Social2 minutes after taken. Race photos branded with sponsor's logo would quickly reach hundreds of thousands of athletes' friends, generate excitement and drive engagement in a way no other race-sponsorship method provides today.

So - what should you be looking for providing free race day photos (with the Sponsored Race Photography model)?
Here are the 5 tips you don't want to miss (and how Pic2Go patent pending race photo-tagging technology addresses them):

1 - Photo Tagging Speed
As sponsors are looking to generate hype - having athletes sharing their race photos after 2-3 days would miss this objective. It is imperative that the race photos are tagged (and shared to athletes' Facebook) within minutes.
Pic2Go patent pending 2D barcodes racing bib number recognition technology is built for the job. Scalable for tagging tens of thousands of race photos per hour it perfectly fits to any event size.


2 - Photo Tagging Accuracy
No athlete would like to get other athlete's photos posted to his/her personal Facebook. Avoiding false bib-number identification is crucial. With >99.5% accuracy rate - Pic2Go bib number recognition software makes sure everybody gets their photos (and not someone else's).

3 - Flexible & Simple Operation
Photographers should be able to select their positions along the course with full flexibility - not limited by the position (or availability) of sensors or timing mats. With Pic2Go - shooting can be done at any point of the course, and there's no need for any special equipment or connectivity to the timing system.

4 - Social Media Focused
Sponsor's ROI is directly related to factors like photos sharing rates and fans acquisition. Pic2Go platform was built from day 1 with this focus - maximizing branded-photos sharing and generating more "likes" for sponsors fan pages.

5 - Results Measurement
Measuring the activity results is a key to analyse sponsor's ROI. Pic2Go offers a detailed on-line performance report, including sharing snd social-reach statistics. Results2

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