Pic2Go Spotlight: McDonald’s 5K—Women Run

Since it’s commencement in 2011, the McDonald’s 5K—Women Run has become the largest women’s race in Latin America, with over 65,000 women participating in 16 different cities in the region.
The races were first organized as charity events, sponsored by Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc., McDonald’s largest franchise in the world, and now take place every year throughout the month of October. This year, 53% of participants of the Martinique and Guadeloupe M5K races shared their Pic2Go photos on Facebook, which made over 751,000 impressions and received almost 23,000 likes!

“I keep the beautiful memories [from the race] through the photos I received on Facebook. This year was my first time and there will be a next time. The date is already set for 2016!”
Tatiana Cupit, participant of the 2015 Martinique M5K

“For the fifth consecutive year the McDonald’s 5K—Women Run achieved massive participation, therefore we wanted to continue to enhance the runner’s experience. Not only did the Pic2Go photos help improve the participants’ experiences, but they also allowed us to reach a mass audience online, giving us considerably more exposure than traditional more expensive media channels.”
Renaud Copin, General Manager of Arcos Dorados Martinique (McDonald’s Martinique)

Pic2Go - McDonald's 5K 2015 Martinique Pic2Go’s technology makes use of 2D barcode on race bibs for automated race photo tagging and sponsored social sharing. The Pic2Go Sponsored Race Photography solution was operated at the Martinique and Guadeloupe M5K by Pic2Go Antilles.

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