Pic2Go Spotlight: The Košice Peace Marathon

The International Košice Peace Marathon, which takes place every October in Slovakia, recently achieved its highest level of participation since its launch in 1924.
It is the oldest existing marathon in Europe and is almost as old as the Boston Marathon! The 2015 Košice Peace Marathon featured over 11,000 runners from 49 different countries!

Pic2Go in part with its sponsor, the Slovak Bank Slovenska, brought free race photography to participants this year. Photos from the race received over 57,000 likes on Facebook and made over 2,000,000 impressions! Pic2Go - Slovenska Free Race Photos

After the race, Slovenska’s Facebook page and website were flooded with gracious comments from all of the satisfied runners. Everyone agrees it is hard to love a bank, but with the magic touch of Pic2Go’s technology, Slovenska reports that Slovaks are loving them.

Pic2Go - Slovenska Social Boost

Pic2Go is the world’s leading solution provider for Sponsored Race Photography, providing endurance event participants with free branded photos to instantly share on social media. Pic2Go’s Patent Pending technology using 2D barcode on race bibs for automated race photo tagging and social sharing - is used by key events and sponsors worldwide.

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