Spotlight on Nusantarun Chapter 3

At the Nusantarun, the real winner is the runner who raises the most money. NusantaRun is a unique fundraising event in which participants combine their love of running with their love of Indonesia. The first NusantaRun, which was 53.5 km, took place in December 2013, and raised thousands of dollars for the Care4Kids Indonesia Foundation. Each year the distance of the run has increased. The NusantaRun Chapter 3, which took place on December 19th, spanned 135 km (from Bandung to Cirebon)!

We had the opportunity to be involved with this charitable event with Pic2Go Indonesia sponsoring Free Race Photos for the runners. Donations from the 2015 run went to the National Movement for Foster Parents (GN-OTA), an organization that helps students in Indonesia receive basic education. With a mere 200 participants at the event, the photos shared through Pic2Go’s Sponsored Race Photography platform still managed to make 460,000 impressions, 15,000 likes and 800 comments, spreading awareness for this wonderful philanthropic movement!

For more event photos visit NUSANTARUN Chapter 3 Pic2Go Gallery

Pic2Go's sponsored race photography solution makes use of patent-pending 2D barcode technology added to race bibs to automate race photos tagging and enable same-day publishing of branded photos to race participants' Facebook profiles.

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