Telecommunication, Aerobic Sports, Sponsorship and All that is In-Between

Telecommunications Technology and Aerobics Sports

Today telecommunications technology and aerobics sports are inseparable. In this article I discuss this strong connection. I will present the case study of Vodafone, one of the leading telecommunications company in the world, and what it achieved by sponsoring the Malta Marathon for the past two years.

Malta Marathon

The Island of Malta has roughly 400,000 residents. The local marathon has been around since 1986. At first a small marathon with only 109 all male participants, it since has become a popular sports event, with over 4,000 participants, men and women, arriving from many countries all over Europe as well as countries such as Japan and the USA. Many people who reside on the Island participated in the race, or know someone who does.

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Vodafone Vision and the Marathon Sponsorship

Vodafone Malta sees a strong connection between the company's vision, which values achievement and success and the reasons professional and non-professional participants take part in marathons and long distance races.

As Tara-Lynn Zammit Vodafone's main coordinator of the 2015 Vodafone Malta Marathon) and Claude Muscat Doublesin (Vodafone's coordinator for the Pic2Go photography activity at the race) explain:

Vodafone Pic2Go 3 "At Vodafone we strongly believe in the power of the individual, and in the power of that individual to achieve any personal goal that he or she aspires to.

It is all about helping people to be at their very best. Our sponsorship of the Malta Marathon is based very much on this belief, since this event represents a life-long goal for so many people who train morning and evening to achieve it.

The Vodafone Malta Marathon also continues to grow from year to year. This can be seen in the number of registrations which have increased annually and at Vodafone we believe in being associated with such successful national events".

Vodafone, also recognizes the importance of its Malta Marathon sponsorship, as a successful platform to advertise its most advanced technology, amongst it the upgrading of the Island to 4G internet. This was made especially achievable by collaborating with Pic2Go's patent pending technology - which makes use of 2D barcodes on race bibs to automatically tag race photos and enable instant posting of branded photos to participants' Facebook profiles.

Maximizing Brand Exposure and Social Engagement with Pic2Go

Claude explains that,
"Vodafone's choice to use Pic2Go [in the 2014 and 2015 races] is a natural, following the success of the initiative in 2013 [Gillette's sponsorship of the Pic2Go activity during the Land Rover Malta Marathon 2013]. We [Vodafone] only wanted to make the experience better by introducing the Vodafone technology in the process.

From Vodafone’s perspective the introduction of 4G network coverage made it possible for us to use this technology to upload the photos in the quickest time possible. The high upload speeds made it possible to upload the photos taken along the route of the marathon to the Pic2Go server and onto the participants Facebook page even before they crossed the finish line"

Claude adds that,
"With the sponsorship of the Malta Marathon, we want to achieve maximum brand exposure. With Social Engagement we had very impressive results in terms of impressions, with over 5Millions impressions….".

Vodafone Pic2Go 2 By sponsoring the Malta Marathon and using the Pic2Go technology to upload and distribute photos from the race, Vodafone establishes a strong connection between the facts that it is a major telecommunications company, to the positive participant's user experience.


In summary, Tara and Claude states that,
"This year’s past edition [Feb 2015] celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Malta Marathon. According to the race participants' feedback this year's race was unquestionably one of the best in terms of participant experience and on-line exposure. We are confident that year on year we are building more and more experience which will make the overall event better".

Claude adds that he [as a representative of Malta Vodafone]
"would definitely recommend other brands to use Pic2Go APP, as it’s amazing for Social Engagement, and with the right Telecoms partner backing them up with super-fast internet connection they will definitely have the impressive results they are looking for".

Written by Tamar Barneis - Media and Content Manager at Pic2Go

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