The Running Speed Challenge on the Semanggi Bridge (Jakarta)

We've asked Denny Halim of Pic2Go Indonesia to tell us about the Semanggi Running-Speed Challenge, taking place on the spectacular Jakarta-based bridge.

The Semanggi Challenge

As one of the icons of Jakarta's DeBrads Running Community, come up with the idea to make a unique running event which held in Jembatan Semanggi, called Semanggi Challenge. Not just because of the historical value but the shape of the bridge itself make a unique route for a running event, it shaped like a clover leaf.

The main purpose Semanggi Challenge is about speed and challenging yourself how fast you can run through this route. The track is very short, just 1.39km, but it is not easy because of the variations in ascending, decending and flat track. This challenge is held regularly every Sunday during the Car Free Day.

Performance Tracking & Sharing

Last Sunday, 4th October 2015, at Semanggi Chalengge #18, Pic2GoIndonesia introduced a new feature called Performance Photo(TM), adding a visual route data, distance and pace to your photo posted to your Facebook.

From all participants on that day, we get a very positive feedback, many of them said that they are very surprised of Pic2GoIndonesia new feature which is the data are very accurate.

Pic2GoIndonesia are delighted to offer this new exciting feature as our added service to events and sponsors in Indonesia.

Performance Photos of Semanggi Challenge Runners

Pic2Go Performance Photos 1

Pic2Go Performance Photos 2

Pic2Go Performance Photos 3

Semanggi Challenge Bib with Pic2Go 2D Barcodes
Pic2Go 2D Barcodes on  Race Bib

For more information on Pic2Go Performance Photos:
* Download the introduction deck
* Contact us or one of our distributors near you.

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