Why Your Runners Will Love Performance Tracking

The Endurance Industry is reinventing itself by offering valuable new services to its participants. As runners and athletes viciously search for fitness trackers that will improve their experience and results, these services are sure to be successful. Cellular apps and wearable technology are paving the way toward a healthier lifestyle for all. As new technologies are adapted in the Endurance Event sector, they too are at the forefront of the fitness world.

The Facts:

Running Apps Running tracking apps, such as: Endomondo, Strava, My Tracks, RunKeeper and Adidas Go, are among the most downloaded fitness apps. Both marathoners and recreational runners are using apps like these to boost their performance.

Tech experts project that the Wearable Tech industry will be worth more than $25 billion by 2019, with Fitness Wearables alone, reaching $10 billion. Wearables like Fitbit, the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S and the Sony Smart Watch, currently on the market, are just the beginning of innovative activity trackers.

Active wear that regulates body temperature is a newfound venture of those in the Athletic Wear and Wearable Technology Industries. Several different companies are racing to produce the perfect temperature regulating material for athletic wear. Companies like Coolcore and Baselayer have already launched thermoregulation products for runners.

The Ramifications:

Runners and athletes are craving more ways to improve their timing and their experience. The fitness technology craze is seizing the majority of Endurance Event participants. Runners use tracking apps and wearable tech to train for marathons, triathlons, and OCR events.

However, their thirst for technology goes farther than training. Runners expect more from the events themselves. In the age of technological advancement, Event Coordinators merely provide race photos and timing logs. It is time that the Endurance Event Industry kick it up a notch. By offering more technological amenities, events will not only stay fresh, but they will also attract more participants.

The Solution:

Performance Photos.
Pic2Go took the concept of tracking apps and applied it to Endurance Race Photography. This is a unique and unprecedented approach to connecting fitness tracking, social sharing and sponsorship. Offering free race photos to your participants is already a game changer.

Pic2Go Performance Photos
Runners love sharing their race photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in order to show the world their achievements. After months of training for a marathon, there seems to be no better feeling than looking through an album of photos that document your journey.

Pic2Go Innovative Performance Tracking Photos takes this feeling to the next level. Performance Photos display tracking data including: the runners name, the race name, time passed, distance passed, and location on the route map. Now event participants can socially share their accomplishments in a more detailed and lively manner. The incorporation of this data will encourage more runners to post their photos to Facebook, prompting a myriad of additional social impressions, generating larger reach for sponsors and augmenting exposure for the event itself, in order to perpetuate future participation.

Innovative technologies must be integrated into Endurance Events in order to keep up with the advancement of the Fitness Marketplace. Performance photos are at the forefront of New Endurance Technology. Equip your event with Pic2Go Performance Photos and ‘Bring Race Tracking to Life’.

Written by Sarah Marlowe - Marketing and Sponsorship Advisor at Pic2Go

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