Would Washing Powder Make a Good Race Sponsor?

With endurace events sponsorship spending exceeding the $108 million a year, no wonder there’s a large variety of brands sponsoring those events. The mid-high socio-economic class of endurance events participants attracts many brands to sponsor endurance events.

Here are 5 examples of sponsors tying their brands’ message into the event in a smart and creative way. Utilizing Pic2Go Sponsored Social Media Race Photography – the brands drove a strong engagement and turned athletes into social media brand ambassadors!

1 - Samsung – “Launching People”

‘We believe in people who dream, who shoot for the stars, people with potential, with that spark of something special that makes them stand out. We believe that if we give people like you our best technology, you can achieve anything.’ - this quote of Samsung’s Launching People campaign was a great fit for Samsung Israel while sponsoring the 2014 Tel Aviv Marathon.
35,000 athletes with the spark of something special that makes them stand out – crossed the finish line of the country’s largest endurance sporting events. Using Pic2Go’s Sponsored Race Photography technology – they also got the chance to share their achievement with their Facebook friends!

2 – Vodafone “See Your Photos Live”

Getting race day photos free and fast is a unique and most satisfying service a race or sponsor could offer athletes. When tens of thousands of race photos are taken – network traffic could become a bottleneck in the process of tagging and posting photos to social media.
Vodafone which has just recently deployed it’s 4G network in Malta – used it as the infrastructure to transfer race photos from the photographers deployed along the course to the processing center, which enabled the runners to see their marathon photos Live on Facebook!

3 – Gillette “Raise Your Hands for Victory”

The Gillette message was simple and catchy - Crossed the finish line? Well done! You can now raise your hands for victory (with the confidence that the Gillette deodorant will do its job…).
Thousands of runners have raised their hands for victory, got their victory photos posted to Facebook, and generated huge reach and wide awareness for the Gillette campaign!

4 – Dero Sponsoring The Color Run

Dero – the Uniliver washing powder brand has find the “perfect” race to sponsor… Well, maybe The Color Run is the happiest 5K on the planet, but it is probably also one of the most laundry-generating 5k.
Have fun – share it – do your laundry with Dero!

5 – Neviot for Body & Soul

Water is essential for our lives. But mineral water are like endurance sports – they lift up our body and soul. At least this is the message the Neviot mineral water brand has chosen for their marketing and sports sponsorship campaigns. A good match – isn’t it ?

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