The Global Health-Kick: Increased Interest in Fitness is Changing the Value of Endurance Sponsorship

Exercising and increased fitness have become trends in recent years and are partially responsible for the expansion of the global fitness industry, and specifically the Endurance Events industry. The socioeconomic status of fitness seekers, combined with the p

7 Tips for Taking Amazing Endurance Event Photos

We have asked Raimundo Lagos – the owner of Foco Sport Chile (Pic2Go partner in Chile) to share with us some key tips he has for race photographers. Foco Sport Chile is known for its professionalism in endurance events photography. Raimundo’s team captures

Branding Tips for Sponsored Race Photos

Reaching Millions of Impressions via Social Media With the growing number of endurance events offering participants with Free Race Photos to Share Live to Facebook – branding those photos introduces a most powerful Sponsorship opportunity. As the shared-

The Digital Socially-Connected Runner & Marketing Opportunities for Races

This is the era of smart technology and devices that are for personal use, easy to use and can be carried around with you anywhere and anytime. This industry is rapidly growing, inventing itself all the time. In the sports world there are hundreds of fitness d

Bucharest International Marathon 2014 to be using Pic2Go

The seventh edition of Bucharest International Marathon will take place this weekend, October 4-5. More than 8000 participants, from 50 countries, are expected at the 7th edition of Bucharest International Marathon to run the marathon, half marathon, relay and

Is Free Race-Photos Social Sharing Becoming a Standard?

Oh – What a weekend it was for us at Pic2Go! We had to simultaneously provide our service to events in 6 different countries – Brazil, UK, Romania, Czech Rep., France, Japan. Over 100,000 race photos were automatically tagged. Free photos sharing w

The Color Run Romania to be using Pic2Go Social Media Race-Photography

The Color Run™, also known as the ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet’, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to to

Pic2Go Sponsored Race Photography at Jerusalem Marathon 2014 – Sponsored by Gillette

Pic2Go racing bib recognition software and social photo-sharing solution will be used at Jerusalem Marathon 2014 with the sponsorship of Gillette. The International Jerusalem Marathon will be held on March 21, 2014. Jerusalem Marathon is a spectacular one whic

5 Ways Sponsored Social Media Race Photography Boosts Racing Events Sponsorship

Sponsored Social Media Race Photography is a new emerging race photography model focusing on granting athletes with their (branded) race photos free – to share on social media. The photos are branded with the race or sponsor branding and would reach a huge a

Sponsored Race Photography – an Emerging Model

Racing events photography have been there since the days running events became a popular leisure and recreation activity. Runners would sometimes train months for a marathon – and would love to get their moments of achievement memorized in great photos. For