Branding Tips for Sponsored Race Photos

Reaching Millions of Impressions via Social Media With the growing number of endurance events offering participants with Free Race Photos to Share Live to Facebook – branding those photos introduces a most powerful Sponsorship opportunity. As the shared-

The Digital Socially-Connected Runner & Marketing Opportunities for Races

This is the era of smart technology and devices that are for personal use, easy to use and can be carried around with you anywhere and anytime. This industry is rapidly growing, inventing itself all the time. In the sports world there are hundreds of fitness d

Adidas Sponsored Pic2Go Free Race Photos in 2014 Series

While “Boost Your Run” is the slogan used by Adidas Running, the company has worked hard to boost the sponsorship of it’s night-run race series took place in Israel throughout 2014 In the competitive market of running shoes brands – Adi

The Advantages of Endurance Events Sponsorship and How to Have Your Brand Shine Bright

Are you considering sponsoring an endurance race but you are not sure it is worth your investment? Here are the advantages of becoming an endurance race sponsor, tips on how to have your brand name stand out from other sponsors at any given race – based on m

It’s a Brave New World of Free Race Day Photos

Q3 2014 is coming to it’s end, and this is a great time to look back at 2014 race photography industry trends and progress so far. A year ago – the world of Race Day Photos was mostly dominated by the Retail Model – where athlete’s had

Bucharest International Marathon 2014 to be using Pic2Go

The seventh edition of Bucharest International Marathon will take place this weekend, October 4-5. More than 8000 participants, from 50 countries, are expected at the 7th edition of Bucharest International Marathon to run the marathon, half marathon, relay and

Is Free Race-Photos Social Sharing Becoming a Standard?

Oh – What a weekend it was for us at Pic2Go! We had to simultaneously provide our service to events in 6 different countries – Brazil, UK, Romania, Czech Rep., France, Japan. Over 100,000 race photos were automatically tagged. Free photos sharing w

New: 3 Options to Export Pic2Go Photo Tagging Data!

While we provide a turn-key Sponsored Race Photography solution (including a patent pending automated race-photo-tagging and instant photos-social-sharing technology), it is very important for us at Pic2Go to provide clients with the flexibility to use our pla

Providing Free Race Day Photos? Don’t Miss These 5 Tips

Free race day photos is becoming popular in more and more athletic events. On the way to become a standard service for athletes (just like getting race results for free) – the main engine driving this model is the Sponsored Social Media Race Photography.

Pic2Go Sponsored Race Photography at Jerusalem Marathon 2014 – Sponsored by Gillette

Pic2Go racing bib recognition software and social photo-sharing solution will be used at Jerusalem Marathon 2014 with the sponsorship of Gillette. The International Jerusalem Marathon will be held on March 21, 2014. Jerusalem Marathon is a spectacular one whic