5 Reasons Endurance Event Sponsors Should Consider Sponsoring Free Race Photos

According to Eventbrite, two of the best ways to increase brand awareness is through sponsorship and social media. Thus, choosing a sponsorship platform that includes social media is a no brainer. “Standard” race sponsorship methods like providing running

The Social Media Revolution: Boosting Endurance Event Sponsorship

The Social Media Revolution Forbes Magazine argues that “When it comes to how sponsors are desiring to spend their sports-related dollars, one trend is certain: Digital and social elements win the day.” Social media has completely revolutionized the market

Branding Tips for Sponsored Race Photos

Reaching Millions of Impressions via Social Media With the growing number of endurance events offering participants with Free Race Photos to Share Live to Facebook – branding those photos introduces a most powerful Sponsorship opportunity. As the shared-

Live Smart, Run Smart, Sponsor Smart – by Samsung

Samsung Smart Living Brands sponsoring running events would usually look for the following objectives: 1. Maximize brand engagement & reach 2. Strengthen brand-image 3. Grow sales & maximize ROI Brand’s investment in race sponsorship is usually