The Latest and Greatest in Marathon Technology

“One thing is certain, though, as the number of races in America grows, existing races must find ways to remain competitive in the marketplace. Technology is one method to accomplish that…” The Huffington Post Organizing a successful marathon means using

2016 Vodafone Malta Marathon to be using Pic2Go (once again)

2016 Vodafone Malta Marathon has selected to implement Pic2Go’s Sponsored Race Photography service this year once again. “For the 7th consecutive year we have registered an increase in the number of participants, we shouldlook have about 4,400. Fro

The Global Health-Kick: Increased Interest in Fitness is Changing the Value of Endurance Sponsorship

Exercising and increased fitness have become trends in recent years and are partially responsible for the expansion of the global fitness industry, and specifically the Endurance Events industry. The socioeconomic status of fitness seekers, combined with the p

Branding Tips for Sponsored Race Photos

Reaching Millions of Impressions via Social Media With the growing number of endurance events offering participants with Free Race Photos to Share Live to Facebook – branding those photos introduces a most powerful Sponsorship opportunity. As the shared-

Telecommunication, Aerobic Sports, Sponsorship and All that is In-Between

Telecommunications Technology and Aerobics Sports Today telecommunications technology and aerobics sports are inseparable. In this article I discuss this strong connection. I will present the case study of Vodafone, one of the leading telecommunications compan

Vodafone Malta Marathon 2015 to be using Pic2Go

Vodafone Malta Marathon 2015 will implement Pic2Go’s Sponsored Race Photography service at the upcoming event – February 22nd. The inaugural Malta Marathon was held in 1986 with 109 local and foreign participants. A half marathon was incorporated i