Daniel Brieu, OwnerAliocha Photographies

“RaceView constitutes a formidable technological showcase of all the Pic2Go’s solutions.
It’s an exceptional marketing tool to promote your sponsor and to maintain the emotional brand engagement several days after the race.
It is multilingual, user-friendly, quickly shareable on social networks and compatible with tablets. In add of that, you don’t need to install any software!”

Joel Espinoza, Managing PartnerProtime Mexico

“We have used Pic2Go Performance Videos in the 2016 Tijuana Marathon and received very grateful comments regarding it from the participants! Seems like the runners are deeply enjoying the service!”

Mykhaylo Tkachenko, Marketing DirectorRun Ukraine

“We have used Pic2Go Performance Photos in the 2015 Kyiv Marathon this year.
That was a great experience for us as we could let our athletes share their running performance in a new and exciting way.
The feedback from the participants was really positive as this would let them to keep the memory and have an subject to be proud of for many years.”

Mike Nusbaum, CEOCHōSEN Technologies

“We strongly believe that allowing event participants to share free photos is a win for everyone involved, and we’re excited to pioneer and support Pic2Go innovative technology in the United States.”

Alex Kopfli, DirectorEngageXM Experiential & Digital Agency

“We were extremely impressed with the results of using Pic2Go… how easy and reliable the system was to use. The team needed no special, expensive equipment and with very little training were able to take many photos and promote the product in an easy and fun way.”

Joel Espinoza, Managing PartnerProtime Mexico

Pic2Go helps runners to receive all of their photos for free, increasing the level of satisfaction among all the runners towards the event, in addition to this Pic2Go is also a great tool to generate more income for the organizer.

Nir Barak, CEOShvoong Sports Events Ltd.

“Partnering with Pic2Go has opened a most successful line of business for us – selling Pic2Go service to race sponsors, including sponsors as Gillette, Samsung and Adidas”

Anthony Bliss, Managing DirectorUK Sport Photo

“Event photography powered by Pic2Go will change the UK events market landscape significantly. The speed for interaction adds a huge value for participants, event organizers and charities alike.”

Radu Condrea, Managing PartnerThe Color Run Romania

“Pic2Go is a great app! It offers participants their photos for free and almost instantly, while it helps our sponsors to better communicate in Social Media. The impact is HUGE and we will be happy to use it at all our events.”